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  • Ellaschanged

    A record taken from the forms filled in by several platoon representatives in Bornu State’s orientation camp last month, showed that eight out of every ten graduates had no prior understanding why it was necessary for them to respond to a call to serve their nation for one year; an exercise popularly called national youth service corps (NYSC) . I Know someone is warming up to say to me –well, isn’t that why we have the orientation camp and the activities that come with it? well that could be true , but I must say that so many of my friends from last month’s orientation exercise had hardly passed out through the gate when they sighed in endless complaints about how they have no idea what they should be doing in Maiduguri for the next eleven months.
    The primary reason for this exercise, as coppers have been made to understand, is given in the NYSC’s scheme:- To promote National unity and engender a spirit of oneness ,which was a gesture following the end of Nigeria’s civil war. Well for those who don’t know, this is the reason graduates must become parliamillitary for one year in a civilian system such as we presently have. With such a scheme, while we are waiting for coppers to warm up to the dream of being the instruments for promoting religious, ethnic, and tribal peace , they are actually the victims to promote all such wars. Ouch.. hope this does not reveal a flaw to the NYSC exercise.
    The big question is: what is the “State” of the NYSC’s scheme initiated sometime in the 70’s in comparison to all that it is presently and is it still an expedient exercise?
    I guess we’ll all just find out in my next article. Thanks for reading.


    As I asked in my last article ,is the NYSC program me at all needed presently and continuously, for the same reason that it was back then in 1973 when the scheme was initiated?
    A simpler way of rephrasing this is-how much ‘unity’ and ‘spirit of oneness’ have corp. members effectively brought to our nation over the years? The answer to this is glaring to anyone who has eyes to see- ‘the population of graduates recruited into the NYSC’S program me nowadays ,is so much compared to what it was in the 70’s. This is a tantamount way of saying: if the scheme of NYSC is one that is feasible, we would have had a nation in unity and oneness already in progress or may be achieved.
    But a quick look around shows us the opposite, it simply goes to say there is little or nothing a copper can do in relation to achieving this task. It is true that the stressful scheme of NYSC comes with attractive objectives and aims (space will not permit a review) mostly to the personal benefit of the copper, never to be denied, yet so many say the benefits under weigh the risks.
    A review of such risks are, road accidents, robbery attacks, being victims of religious, tribal, and ethnic wars, victims of epidemics, tribalism, female abuse ,kidnapping e.t.c.
    In these past years the governing body of NYSC keeps asking if there’s need to review NYSC’s scheme. They keep requesting for the opinions of coppers regarding this and end up asking the question all over again the next year, when coppers are expecting the reply to the former requests they made.
    There is never an end to the question: Is NYSC needed or not? I know the answer for most coppers is a ready no.
    Wait a second, despite all the circumstances NYSC’s scheme presents I say let the exercise continue. There are reasons why it should, read my next article you’ll agree with me.

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